The Philosopher's Stone

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The Philosopher's Stone

Post  Admin on Wed Apr 25, 2012 7:33 am

I’ve created this forum to comment on the Book of Aquarius written by an (anonymous writer) claiming that he (or she) wrote that book to unleash an (ancient secret).To me, it’s an old lie fashioned in a new way, thus engaging simple-minded people into new illusions and fantasies that will not lead anywhere but to the waste of money, time and energy. I’ve tried to discuss my opinion with the writer on his (or her) forum in a polite manner but was blocked and banned because according to the writer “opinions are not welcome here”! Why do you guys create forums in the first place if you don’t want to listen and discuss with others their own point of views? So here’s my latest reply to the author of the book.

My name is Hani Smaik, and I’m happy to provide my email address and personal contact information to anyone. The reason I’ve changed my name in the book of Aquarius forum is that I could not enter with the same name.

Dear Author of the Book of Aquarius,

Here I come back again, with different name and different IP address, and after you have banned me three times from your forum. Please bear in mind and the readers that I did not come back only because I was offended by you, rather, I came back to reassure you that what you are doing is bizarre and decisive both to yourself and the readers. And as I told you, I have prepared my stone 20 years ago which is simply true love, care and understanding to each others, as this is the moral of the whole work of the philosopher stone. Do you know what this means?

It means that as a holder of such conscious my role in this world is to try to enlighten myself and others in different ways including preventing people like you from spreading lies and driving people to madness, illusions and eventually despair. We’ve been doing this since the 16th century; whenever someone like you appear with a lie we appear.

I assure you that I keep my promises, if you ban me again, I will keep on coming back again, and again and again until you stop banning me and answer me with a polite and rational answer.

You claim in your book that you are uncovering something that has been hidden for the past 12000 years. If this is true it should simply mean that you know the secret. Correct? By reading both your book and your postings on your forum - this is not true. Why?

Because you’ve mentioned that


As I’ve mentioned to you before, I have done my homework studying modern chemistry, mathematics, geometry, geology, astronomy and astrology and quantum physics to name few.

A stone that transforms base metals into gold DOES NOT EXIST outside of our minds. The possibility is there, but if you have done little research on the modern application of atomic decay and other categories you will find that even if this idea is possible it would require an enormous amount of energy which costs more than the end product! It’s a very well known theory amongst Real Scientists not fanatical and illusionary ones like you. IT CANNOT BE DONE USING YOUR MOTHER’S OVEN!

If you don’t have a stone think before considering throwing people with one.
Behind the dream of acquiring such a (stone) hides greed, illusion and the need for more power and control.

What would people do if they acquired such a stone? Would they want to live forever!? Have all the Gold they can produce? What would we do with it when as it becomes worthless? Would you want to create new golems (freaks!) with it, people that are not created by the grace of nature? Do you want to possess great power and control over other beings and people?

Could you not understand that this whole concept is obscured, and this is exactly what the moral of the story of the stone is all about?

You have mentioned that you have been trying to produce the stone for years now, and now you are driving others to waste THEIR ENERGY to capture life’s energy and store it in a stone!? Are you for real? Or are you repeating what the ancient writers did in a new and modern fashion? If so, please know that people are not that stupid, we don’t need people like you to tell us what is good and what is not. We don’t need more lies, illusions, and religions fashioned in a modern way.

I have studied the ancient symbolism and methodology of the philosopher’s stone and the bibles and the Kabala to name few. All are of philosophical and artistic nature, everyone just used to write in symbolic language in the past because they were afraid to telling the simple truth in simple language, human attempts to simply make up our minds and live.

If you’re only doing this to create a buzz then congratulations, you have succeeded. If not please STOP for the sake of our minds and humanity.


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